What is SIETAR Austria?

SIETAR Austria is a non-profit organization, supported by a Board of Directors working on a voluntary basis.

We represent a networking platform, a scientific forum and mee- ting place for the intercultural community in Austria and beyond.

We are an active member of SIETAR Global and SIETAR Europa, the biggest association fostering intercultural awareness in research, politics, economy and education worldwide.

We support the research and development of new training me- thods and tools for education, business and society. We aim to pro- mote awareness, respect, and the participation of people coming from different cultural backgrounds in society.

We offer regular events like Culture Talks, workshops, conferences, panel discussions, and publications.

Our Mission:

SIETAR Austria aims to en- courage mutual-adaptation in intercultural interaction, mea- ning everyone is valued to the same extent, where difference is recognized for its potential and unity is leveraged through inclusion.

Our Network:

The worldwide SIETAR net- work consists of SIETAR Global Connect (founded 1974), SIETAR Europa (founded 1991), more than 30 national as well as re- gional networks with over 3000 members, along with Young SIETAR, a network for students and young professionals.


Integration coaching for highly skilled migrants

There are a significant number of highly skilled migrants living in Carinthia, all of whom are potential employees for the Carinthian labor market.

The project ‘Integration coaching for highly skilled migrants’ aims to help these migrants increase their chances of successfully integra- ting into both the labor market and Austrian society, by focusing on the following areas:

• German in preparation for the B1 Integration Examination
• German in preparation for the language examination C1
• Finding your career vision
• Intercultural competence development in the European, and especially the Austrian, context.
• Individual coaching on any of the above-mentioned fields

Project begin: 19. October 2020
End of project: 28. November 2020

Project team: SIETAR Austria team in cooperation with the degree program Intercultural Management, year of 2018, Carinthia Univer- sity of Applied Sciences.

Dr.in Eithne Knappitsch: [email protected] Dr. Colin Heller: [email protected]
Mag.a Birgit Hochreiter: [email protected]

Ask one of the several clubs if they‘re interested in having more members!

Social Integration

Integration through sport

Sport connects people – it is an easy way to get closer to the locals. The most popular sports in Austria are swim- ming, running, hiking, biking and skiing. If you prefer team sports, football and ice hockey are the most common ones in Austria

Carinthia’s events
and festivals calendar

Another wonderful opportuni- ty to socialize with locals is to attend events and festivals. It helps to strengthen the bond between co-workers, friends and acquaintances and to meet new people.

Language Integration

Language and Integration

Speaking German proficiently is important in order to integrate successfully into Austrian society. The Austrian Integration Funds website states that third-country nationals, who want to receive a permanent residence title, have to learn German within two years of entering Austria, the principles of democratic structure and the related values of the legal system and social system (www.integ- rationsfonds.at).

Please find here a list of useful links with information, material and exercises to help you prepare for the necessary Integration Exams.

Carinthia, a great place to live! Did you know that Carinthia…

…  is at the heart of the AlpsAdriatic region and is the meeting place of three cultures, three languages and many different mentalities?

…  has an extremely rich literary history, being home to world famous writers such as Robert Musil, Ingeborg Bachmann and the Nobel Laureate, Peter Handke?

…  has some 200 lakes?

…  is a hightech region with a multitude of innovative start-ups, businesses and industries?

…  hosts several renowned international sporting events, notably the Iron Man triathlon?



Six steps to finding and living your career vision

  • Find your WHY, what motivates and drives you!
  • Write down all your talents and skills!
  • Dream big and create your vision!
  • Plan what you need in order to realize your vision and which steps you have to take!
  • Search for a mentor to help you find your feet in the chosen field and establish a network!
  • Then start! Step by step!

Useful Links

Registration: register at your local registration office

Workers’ rights (legal support): arbeiterkammer.at/arbeitsrecht

Österreichischer Integrationsfonds (German language courses, Integration support): integrationsfonds.at/sprache/pruefungen

Carinthian International Center (International employees and partners network): cic-network.at/en/home/

Contact for information regarding nostrification: zebra.or.at/images/content/files/AST%20Folder%202019.pdf

Professional recognition: berufsanerkennung.at

Links for employment:

Registration to The Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS): ams.at/service-arbeitsuchende/finanzielles/leistungen/online-ratgeber
Access to: eJob-Room & AMS Jobroboter

Job Search Engines


Social Network

LinkedIn: linkedin.com
Instagram: instagram.com
Facebook: facebook.com

Links for self-employment

Chamber of commerce Austria: wko.at
Chamber of labor: arbeiterkammer.at
Federal Ministry Republic of
Austria Finance
: bmf.gv.at/en