Multilingualism Matters

Multilingual monolingualism? Getting to know Slovenia

Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021|18:00 -19:30

Marko Stabej

Speaker: Marko Stabej is professor of Slovene Language and former Head of the Center for Slovene as a second/foreign language at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Faculty of Arts. Head of the Department of Slovene Studies, research and teaching in fields of Slovene linguistics, contemporary and historical sociolinguistics, textlinguistics, stylistics and corpus linguistics. Coeditor of the reference corpus of Slovene Fida (1997-2000) and Fidaplus (2003-2005), head of the Slovene Threshold level team (2000-2003). Representative of University of Ljubljana in the Dylan research project (6th Framework Programme EU, 2006- 2011). Editor-in-chief of the Journal Jezik in slovstvo (2003-2010). Former member of Slovene parliamentarian working group for language policy and language planning (1994- 2005); Slovene council for foreign languages (1999-2006) and other bodies in the field of language policy and language planning. Singer-songwriter and keyboardist in the band Melanholiki (1981).

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Thursday, April 22, 2021|18:00 -19:30