We all are living in very unique unprecedented times, that we did not experience before. Therefore, we need a specific set of competencies and consciousness in all our interactions.

If it sounds appealing for you to engage with the idea of conscious communication and decision-making and if you want to expand your awareness join our Thoughtful Tuesdays. You will get some insight on how business students and young professionals are overcoming challenges during uncertain times.

In our new Series you can meet students from various sectors and directly ask them what comes to your mind.

SIETAR Austria presents 30-minute Thoughtful Tuesdays: StudentTalks. It is a new series featuring students and young professionals in the fields of business, management, and intercultural fields.

Join our Live Stream on Instagram and receive input from students & young professionals from across the world!

The idea is to spread positive vibes and help everyone to cope with new everyday challenges, to give some insights & recommendations to lecturers, supervisors, and employers on how they can improve their teaching methods and communication during the social distancing and challenging times.

Talk # 1: Mahsin Mzee

Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 / 18:00 – 18:30

Mahsin Mzee, a final year bachelor student of Intercultural Management program. Mahsin is doing his internship at CIC Carinthian International Center and writing the Bachelor Thesis.

Particularly, Mahsin is working on developing business curricula in the areas of intercultural competency & diversity on both local and international levels.

In this talk, Mahsin is going to talk about mindfulness activities and his personal beliefs. He is also going to talk about the situation in his home Country (Kenia) and his distrust in certain media

In addition he is going to talk about working from home and his advice how to not lose yourself during the Quarantine

Thoughtful Tuesdays starting on April 21, 2020, live on SIETAR Austria Instagram @sietaraustria at 18:00 (CET).

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