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Expat Center


Expat Center Vienna
Schmerlingplatz 3, 1010 Wien




Mit unseren Netzwerkpartnern sind wir laufend in regem Wissensaustausch

 Diversity Leaderhsip

Diversity Leadership http://www.diversityleadership.eu/



IACCM / International Association of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management http://www.wu.ac.at/iaccm/iaccm/


IZ . Interkulturelles Zentrum http://www.iz.or.at/


KFDWB provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills and knowledge to people around the world with information on sustainable development issues and practices. It includes learning and interaction tools between members and users to face challenges of the 21st century in their local communities.

Our efforts to support sustainable development progress are broad and diverse, but a core element of all our efforts is to work closely with civil society, international development agencies, and local communities to meet urgent local needs as well as to empower local citizens to know, understand, secure and enforce their roles, responsibilities, and engagements for the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/K4DWB




WCN Women´s Career Network Vienna http://www.wcnvienna.org/



Die Integrationswerkstatt versteht sich als Kultur- und Bildungsstätte, die ein friedliches Miteinander unterstützt. Unser Fokus liegt auf der Vermittlung von Informationen, Gesetzen, Werten und Normen, die für eine kooperative Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft nützlich sind



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