SIETAR Austria freut sich, ihnen auch im Jahr 2016 spannende Themen präsentieren zu dürfen. Einen kompakten Überblick über die Veranstaltungen finden Sie hier. 

Wir freuen uns Sie auf ein Wiedersehen oder ein Kennenlernen bei einer unserer nächsten Veranstaltungen.  Wenn Sie gerne regelmäßig über Veranstaltungen von SIETAR Austria und unseren Netzwerkpartnern informiert werden wollen, senden Sie einfach ein Mail an: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. 


Veranstaltungen 2016

Wir bitten um Kenntnisnahme, dass an Veranstaltungsorten Fotos angefertigt werden können und zu Zwecken der Dokumentation der Veranstaltung veröffentlicht werden können.


Monday, January 11th, 2016, Start 6pm, SIETAR Austria Culture Webinar

"Refugee Resettlement: Cultural Values in the Re-making (Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle East)“

What does it mean to need refuge away from your own country? What does it take to actually get it? And what is involved in being a refugee?

More Information & Registration here!

Presenter: Tatyana Fertelmeyster, co-author of Cultural Detective: Russia and Lead Trainer of Facilitators for Cultural Detective







Mittwoch, 20. Jänner 2016, ab 18 Uhr, SIETAR Austria Culture Talk

Die Kehrseite des Diversity Management”

Wir haben in Österreich ja sogar eine ÖNORM zu Diversity Management (absurd genug!). Aber was sind die für die Wirtschaft wirklich wesentlichen Unterschiede, die wir durch Diversity Management überbrücken (oder gar vertiefen?) - Jedenfalls nützen wollen/sollen?

Darüber wird Niki Harramach sprechen und vor allem mit den TeilnemerInnen dieses Abends diskutieren – weil nicht anzunehmen ist, dass diese immer seiner Meinung sein werden

Einladung und nähere Informationen hier!

Dr. Niki Harramach; Co-Autor von Management absurd, Springer, 2014, Mehr Infos hier!


Nachlese zum Culture Talk mit Niki Harramach





Wednesday, February 17th, 2016, 20:30 CET, SIETAR Austria Culture Webinar

"Reflecting our own intercultural profession

This interactive webinar is based on global research of the state of our intercultural profession carried out in 2013 by Anja Franz, Susan Salzbrenner, and Tanja Schulze. The research focused on understanding the nature of the intercultural professional globally in 2013, providing guidance for newcomers by setting benchmarks, as well as showing the development of the intercultural profession in the past decade. Around 400 interculturalists took part in the survey worldwide, providing a wealth of insight into the state of the profession as well as regional differences. The findings reveal insights into interculturalists’ motivation to join the profession, their backgrounds, their identification with the group of interculturalists, as well as hard, comparable facts like obtained degrees, trainer fees and time spent on travel, development, etc.

More information here.

Registration online here!

Presenter: Susan Salzbrenner & Tanja Schulze


Watch the Webinar on our YoutubeChanel

in cooperation with:





Friday. March 18th 2016, Start 15.00 CET, SIETAR Austria Culture Workshop 

"Communicating across borders"

International business comprises a large and growing portion of the world's total business. Studying, negotiating, presenting and collaborating in English language is of utmost importance nowadays.

This conjoint event brings together associations who attempt to improve understanding across borders. The Vienna Speakers Club, a member of Toastmasters International, will deliver a series of workshops about public speaking and intercultural communication. More information here

Key Note with Timothy Cox

This was the SIETAR Austria Culture Workshop"Communication across borders - all information here!


in cooperation with:





Wednesday 27th April 2016, 6pm, SIETAR Austria Culture Talk

"Cross-Cultural Management – A Japanese Perspective

In cooperation with Danube University Krems

Japanese companies are becoming more international and try to become attractive for foreign employees. At the same time they still prefer very traditional Japanese business practices. Despite these ambiguities a number of non-Japanese who settle in Japan and plan their careers in Japanese corporations.

All information about the Culture Talk you can find here!

Speaker: Univ. Prof. Parissa Haghirian Professor of International Business Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. Current publication: Routledge Handbook of Japanese Business and Management (Routledge 2016). Link here.







Wednesday, June 8th, 2016, SIETAR Austria Culture Talk 

"The Invisible Mindsets of Americans, Germans and Austrians - A Historical Cultural Perspective“

A fast-paced talk on the cultural/historical factors affecting American, German and Austrian communication styles. Not only will the divergent historical perspectives be looked into, but also the actual differences in communication between these cultures will be presented.

All information about the Culture Talk you can find here!

Impressions from the Culture Talk you can find here!

Speaker: Patrick Schmidt Intercultural Trainer and consultant, Chief editor SIETAR Europa Journals, Author. More informationen here!






Mittwoch, 7. September 20106, SIETAR Austria Culture Senses 

Ein Abend an dem SIETAR Austria Kultur und Kulinarik verbindet - lassen Sie sich entführen in die kulinarische Welt Thailands

Erleben Sie eine kulinarische Reise nach Thailand! Lernen Sie die thailändische Vielfalt an Kräutern und Gewürzen, Gemüse- und Obstsorten kennen und lernen Sie aus dieser Vielfalt interessante und vor allem himmlische Gerichte zuzubereiten! 

Alle Informationen hier! 

Durch den Abend führen: Sumalee Phongam  Pensionierte Besitzerin und Chefköching des renommierten Thai Restaurant´s & Ihre Tochter Anjarika Strohal







Saturday, September 10th, 2016, SIETAR Austria Culture Workshop

Seamless Facilitation for Intercultural Competency Learning

Intercultural trainers and educators have a great deal of important content to share with their training participants and students. Knowing the “What” is a must if you want to provide a high quality learning to others. What about knowing the “How”?

This workshop will concentrate on a process as an essential component of truly productive learning experience. The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with practical tools and techniques for effective facilitation of intercultural and diversity training and teaching.

More informationen here! 

Speaker: Tatyana Fertelmeyster, founder and principal of Connecting Differences LLC is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in Intercultural Communication. More informationen here!





NEUER TERMIN: Wednesday, October 19th, 2016, SIETAR Austria Culture Talk 

"Networked Learning: Shifting Cultural Competence Development“

Today‘s fluid, complex and divers business environment calls for a new way to master cultural competence. Networked Learning is an alternative cost-effective learning approach which enables people to engage and collaborate with each other via social and business collaborative tools. A step-by-step guide shows how to leverage cross-cultural competence by Networked Learning.

More informationen here! 


Mag. Daniela Ploberger CPCC, ACC  & Matanat Rahimova MBA, Ph.D. – Managing Directors at people arc consulting


ORT: WIFI Wien, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Wien - Raum: B403








Friday, November 25th 2016, SIETAR Austria Culture Talk & Christmas Party

Our Christmas special: Gert Jan Hofstede: "The dark side of culture"

Culture is largely unconscious, and thus, most people are in the dark about their own culture, and about how it could differ from other cultures. There is an even darker side to culture which is a lindness to certain tendencies or patterns. Our culture highlights some things, while obscuring others. These dark aspects have effects on collaboration in organizations. For instance, what do words such as ‘strategy’ or ‘transparency’ mean? In order to perceive such hidden side effects of culture, a process perspective may help. We can just let it happen, in a simulation game or in a simulation model. More information here.

Speaker: Gert Jan Hofstede, son of Geert Hofstede, is a biologist by education and it shows in his work. He likes to reflect not just on how things are but on how they got that way. More information about our speaker online here.

After the Culture talk we invite you to celebrate with us — an intercultural Christmas party is waiting for you!

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