Language learning opens doors to new worlds

Learning a foreign language opens horizons. Find out what language skills are beyond the scope of pure communication and why adults can not learn enough languages, in this article. Foreign languages ​​not only bring the obvious added value that we can communicate with people of other languages. Anyone who learns a foreign language will go […]

Lost in translation – Piefkenesian: Austrian

Karl Kraus is said to have said that what separates Germans and Austrians most is the common language. However, there is this proverb equally for British and Americans, here it is optionally either Bernhard Shaw or Oscar Wilde awarded. See in the following article “What divides the Austrians and the Germans” in the press

Quality Management of Intercultural Trainings

The importance of intercultural training is constantly increasing. The quality management of training measures requires, not least because of the investments made, to ensure their effectiveness operationally and systematically. In practice, there are three systematic basic steps (see also Rowold, p. 1. What are the criteria according to which trainers are selected? 2. How is […]

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